Dr Halima Jibril

Affiliated Researcher

Halima Jibril is a Research Fellow at the Enterprise Research Centre, University of Warwick, and The Productivity Institute. Her research examines the links between innovation and performance in small businesses, including the roles of innovation networks, exporting, leadership styles and supply chain collaborations. Halima also has expertise in conducting evaluations of policy support measures, working with institutions such as Cavendish Enterprise and Innovation Growth Lab, Nesta. Her research is strongly quantitative and reflects her diverse econometrics background.

Halima regularly applies her research expertise in policy relevant contexts. She has provided external advisory support to the Canadian Treasury Board on the use of quasi-experimental approaches to evaluating innovation support programs. She has also provided expert advice to the UK government on the suitability of econometric techniques for a report on public and private R&D investment. Halima has worked with a Member of European parliament to explore the role of UK as an indirect tax haven and has co-authored a report on Industrial Strategy for the UK Key Cities Group.

At The Productivity Institute, Halima’s research has examined the potential productivity effects of the UK Government’s Covid-19 business support measures. She is currently working on understanding the temporal links between exporting, innovation and firm performance.

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