Dr Jen-Chung Mei

Affiliated Researcher

Dr Jen-Chung Mei is a Lecturer in Economics at Westminster Business School, and a member of the Productivity Institute.

He was a Postdoc Research Associate at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy where he conducted the UK productivity project to investigate issues surrounding the slowdown of productivity in the UK, encompassing both macro and micro-level (involving the firm-level security survey data) analyses. He also provided supervision for undergraduate students in Land Economy.

Jen’s research interests encompass the measurement of firm-level and sectoral-level productivity, with a specific focus on productivity trends in the UK and cross-country productivity comparisons. Additionally, he delves into international economics, exploring topics such as foreign direct investment, multinational firms, productivity spillovers, multi-product firms (in terms of product scope and quality), and policies for recruiting star scientists.

Jen has published several works in economic journals, including Economica (2023) and Journal of Economic Geography (2022), among others.

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