Dr Margarita Gelepithis

University Lecturer in Public Policy

Margarita Gelepithis is a University Lecturer in Public Policy at the Department of Politics and International Studies.

She has research expertise in the politics of economic and social policy, with a particular interest in old-age pensions and taxation. Her current research projects focus on policy responses to technological change and their distributional consequences; on the effect of education on policy-relevant public attitudes and social cleavages; and on the relationship between protectionism and social policy. 

Margarita obtained her PhD at the London School of Economics, where she also completed an MSc in European Political Economy. As an undergraduate, she studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Durham.

Margarita has taught public policy and social policy to undergraduates, postgraduates, and executives, at the University of Warwick, the University of East London, University College London, and the London School of Economics.

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