Dr Rehema Msulwa

Affiliated Researcher

Rehema Msulwa was previously a Research Associate at the Bennett Institute. She currently works in infrastructure advisory as part of Agilia Infrastructure Partners, a specialist infrastructure consultancy. Her interests lay at the nexus of where policy meets the design and delivery of capital-intensive infrastructure projects.

Her research concerns two primary questions: 1. How are decisions to proceed with infrastructure projects made? And 2. Given that such projects require input from a range of stakeholders, including local government authorities, businesses and impacted communities, how is the process of developing infrastructure projects governed? These questions are essential because infrastructure investment (or its lack) affects where businesses locate, and people live for the long term so it can embed economic success (or failure) in specific places.

Before working with the Bennett Institute, Rehema was a Research Associate at the University of Bath, and a Research Associate with Infrastructure@Manchester, a forum developed by Alliance Manchester Business School in partnership with Barclays Bank.

In line with her interdisciplinary training, Rehema’s research draws on insights from various streams of Management, Economics and Public Policy. She has a PhD in Business and Management and an MSc in the Management and Implementation of Development Projects from the University of Manchester. She also has an MCom in Applied Economics, a BCom (Honours) in Economics, and a BCom in Economics and Finance from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

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