Our team

Dr Penny Mealy

Research Associate

Penny is a Research Associate at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy. In collaboration with Diane Coyle, Penny’s work focuses on a project entitled ‘Practical Wisdom in a Complex World’.

This project looks at new measures, models and mechanisms that could improve our ability to understand and shape our surrounding socio-economic system towards desirable outcomes. Drawing on philosophy, economics and complex systems science, it seeks to advance interdisciplinary approaches to better understand (i) human purposes and societal value, (ii) representation systems for more effective and efficient thinking and communication and (iii) coordination mechanisms and alternative modes of social organisation.

Penny is also a Research Associate at the Institute of New Economic Thinking and the School of Geography and Environment at Oxford University, and was a visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School. Her PhD at Oxford University advanced quantitative approaches for studying knowledge and the productive capabilities that underpin prosperity. She applied these approaches to provide new insights into long-run development, division of labour and the future of work, and the transition to the green economy. Penny’s broader research interests include technological evolution, transformational change, network science and agent-based modelling.