Published on 26 October 2022
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World divided on support for US or Russia and China

Split brewing for a decade, but Russia’s war has further catalysed ⁠— according to new research by the Centre for the Future of Democracy.

“High-income democracies have become steadily more secular and receptive to minority rights, but the rest of the world has not. Autocrats such as Putin have taken the opportunity to present themselves as defenders of what they call ‘traditional’ values against a perceived threat of western liberalism. The war on Ukraine has “galvanised” this divide, but the findings suggest it has been a decade in the making, as global public opinion on geopolitics was far more mixed and undefined ten years ago. ”

⁠— Dr Roberto Foa, co-director of the Centre for the Future of Democracy, Bennett Institute for Public Policy

Media coverage

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News release: War in Ukraine widens global divide in public attitudes to US, China and Russia – report

Report: A World Divided: Russia, China and the West

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