Published on 14 September 2020
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Biodiversity and the economy

Environmental economist, Dr Matthew Agarwala, discusses the economic impact of environmental destruction, the idea of natural capital, and how we need to remodel our economies moving forward.

The UK could fail to meet its 20 UN biodiversity targets set by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in 2010. 

Environmental economist, Dr Matthew Agarwala, discusses how the natural environment provides the operating space for the economy, and what we can and must do to reduce the curve of biodiversity loss.

Investing in nature is the highest return, best economic strategy that we have at the moment…

I could become an optimist if we see from governments the kind of leadership that will pull us away from our fosil fuel based economy and bring us towards a resilient green recovery from the pandemic. 

RSPB Green Recovery Plan – Launch event (17.53)
Channel 4 News (15.17)

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