Published on 16 November 2020
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Building Forward: Investing in a resilient recovery

The Wealth Economy report is a practical recipe for policy making for a sustainable 21st century.

The chief advantage of the Wealth Economy approach is to recognise the mutually reinforcing nature of society’s assets, and the fact that investments in one component of wealth influences the returns to all other investments.

The economic recovery plan should be grounded in the realisation that economies – from the local farm shop to the biggest companies on the planet – exist and operate within the context and confines of the natural world. It should acknowledge that when we invest in nature, we are maintaining and enhancing the operating space for the economy, pushing forward the frontier of what is economically possible over the long-term. 

There is no choice between nature and the economy – the two must enhance each other.

Wealth Economy team

Media coverage: 

Business Green, The Guardian, The Times, FT Letter.

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