Published on 27 April 2023
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The challenges of devolving English government

A new report – ‘Devolving English government’ by Prof Michael Kenny and Dr Jack Newman – lays bare some of the main weaknesses of England’s political structures and the challenges this creates for devolution.

“In the past few decades there have been repeated, unfinished attempts to reform local government. If the emerging model of English devolution is to be given the chance to bed in and progress, new structures in Whitehall are needed to oversee and protect the devolution process.”

Prof Michael Kenny and Dr Jack Newman

Media coverage:

Labour List, Local Government First Magazine, The Times

Report: Devolving English government

News release: England needs a ‘council of mayors’ and Secretary of State to embed English devolution at the heart of Whitehall – report

Image: Lewis Clarke / London : Westminster – Whitehall

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