Published on 30 April 2023
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Climate should be considered in ‘all economic planning’ says Bennett Institute expert

Environmental economist Matthew Agarwala told Matt Frei on Channel 4 News that the climate crisis has to be addressed through changes in policy and changes in behaviour of governments, business and people.

“We have to decarbonise the economy with deliberate policies enacted early.”

Amidst the current climate crisis, food shortages and rise in the cost of living, Bennett Institute’s Matthew Agarwala, told Channel 4’s Matt Frei there needs to be a real concern for nature and for the climate in all economic planning, industrial strategy, productivity strategy and trade deals. Action needs to be taken on the People’s Plan for Nature – the first UK-wide citizens’ assembly for nature demanding ‘no more harm to nature’, stronger legislation and clear targets.

Watch again on Channel 4 News website.

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