Published on 21 March 2022
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Cambridge Conversations: Decision-making, politics and expertise

Professor Dennis C. Grube talks to Professor Sir John Aston and Professor Anna Alexandrova about decision-making structures in government.

Government decision-making is never out of the headlines. The past two years have thrown the relationship between politics and expertise into sharp and difficult relief. But how do government decisions get made? What are the formal, informal and sometimes enigmatic structures and processes that produce the results? And how do policymakers navigate morally charged and complex phenomena to make fast, effective and necessary decisions?

On Monday 14 March 2022, Professor Dennis C. Grube, Acting Director of the Bennett Institute for Public Policy hosted an online discussion that brought together two expert speakers: Professor Sir John Aston, Harding Professor of Statistics in Public Life, former Home Office Chief Scientific Advisor, member of the Bennett Institute’s Management Board, and Professor Anna Alexandrova, Professor in Philosophy of Science, and collaborator to the Bennett Institute’s Many Dimensions of Wellbeing research project.

This event was hosted by the University of Cambridge Development and Alumni Relations Office.

The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the Bennett Institute for Public Policy.

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