Published on 17 January 2024
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New book – Fractured Union: Politics, Sovereignty and the Fight to Save the UK

Michael Kenny's new book explores the British politics and administrative elites' motivations for devolution and their responses to ensuing challenges - highlighting the concerns about England's position within the Union.

Michael Kenny in conversation with Giles Brown on Talk Radio Europe

Professor Michael Kenny discusses his new book, “Fractured Union: Politics, Sovereignty and the Fight to Save the UK” with Giles Brown on Lets Talk, Talk Radio Europe. Recorded on Wednesday 17 January 2024.

“This book brings into focus the question of how and why the British politics and administrative elites introduced devolution and responded to the challenges it brought in its wake. It demonstrates that concerns about what these changes might mean for the largest national grouping and territory within the Union – England – have always played an important role in shaping and constraining elite-level British attitudes and decisions.”


Michael Kenny

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