Published on 16 September 2019
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The Guardian: Hopes of clean break with EU are nonsense, says ex-Brexit official

Philip Rycroft gave an interview with The Guardian following his research appointment at the University of Cambridge.

Speaking to political editor Heather Stewart, Rycroft said: “It is not a clean break: what it does is it takes us legally out of the EU. But what it can’t do is undo all of the very close economic ties that we have with the EU, on which so much of our trade as a country depends. And nor would we want to undo all of the close security ties that we have with the EU.”

Read the full article in the Guardian online.

Philip Rycroft’s tenure at Cambridge starts in September 2019 when he will begin as Senior Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy and POLIS. He will be giving a public lecture on the makings of Brexit, and the road ahead for the UK on 03 October 2019.

The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the Bennett Institute for Public Policy.

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