Published on 21 April 2022
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Knowledge in nature: how nature can help grow a better future

Professor Diane Coyles speaks at a White House Roundtable about the value of nature to the economy.

58m40s – Prof Diane Coyle discusses the importance of making nature count in economic statistics and national accounting

In celebration of Earth Day 2022, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy hosted a virtual roundtable to discuss new Biden-Harris Administration initiatives for assessing, accounting for, and finding solutions in nature.

The discussion brought together experts in economics, the environment, and infrastructure, with business, Tribal, governmental, and non-profit leaders to discuss what more we can do so that we and nature thrive and our national policies reflect the foundational role of nature in achieving goals for climate, equity, and the economy.

Bennett Professor of Public Policy Diane Coyle was invited to speak during the event as the only representative of the UK. She discussed her work on the wealth economy and why government should include the environment and natural capital in economic statistics and national accounting.

Read more about Accounting for Nature on Earth Day 2022 on The White House website.

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