Published on 16 June 2020
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People in England’s poorest towns ‘lose over a decade of good health’. The Telegraph reports on Cambridge research findings

Bennett Institute's researchers find major health inequalities – as well as a geographic divide – between the most and least deprived English towns, with life expectancy in cities now overtaking towns for the first time.

University of Cambridge Research News, 17 June 2020, reports on a new Policy Report  series ‘Townscapes: England’s health Inequalities’

The previous pattern of rising life expectancy has stalled or gone into reverse in many English towns

Professor Michael Kenny

More deprived towns are much less likely to have a green town centre and much more likely to have high numbers of fast food outlets than their wealthier counterparts…Both these factors contribute significantly to the widening of geographic health inequalities in England

Ben Goodair, the report’s lead researcher

Media coverage

The Telegraph

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