Published on 21 October 2022
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Productivity and the regional economy

BBC Look East reported on productivity in the East of England being low compared to other UK regions - drawing on research led by Owen Garling, Knowledge Transfer Facilitator, and The East Anglia Productivity Forum.

The key to growth is raising productivity. Research led by the Bennett Institute for Public Policy in collaboration with the East Anglia Productivity Forum found between 2008 and 2019 productivity in the East of England was lagging behind over regions – rising by 0.7% compared to the UK average of 4%. Matthew Agarwala discussed how this needs to be addressed for raising living standards.

“Productivity growth is the best economic indicator of whether or not living standards are rising over time. The UK has seen anaemic productivity growth since the 2008 financial crisis, but it is even slower growth in the East of England.”

– Dr Matthew Agarwala, Economist, Bennett Institute for Public Policy

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