Published on 19 September 2023
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Review of the UK constitution recommends urgent reform to restore trust in politics

A report authored by the Institute for Government and the Bennett Institute for Public Policy says the UK constitution has been tested to its limits and is in urgent need of reform.

“One of the key issues that this Review has explored is how to get more  public engagement in discussions about the principles and norms underpinning our public life. There is a growing imperative for government to take much more seriously the challenge of ensuring that citizens’ deliberations become a regular, integral part of the processes of making and examining constitutional change.”

Michael Kenny, Inaugral Director of the Bennett Institute for Public Policy

Media coverage:

Evening Standard, Independent, LBC News [02:44:15 – 02:49:12], Metro, Sky News, The Economist

Report: Review of the UK Constitution – Final report

Press release: The UK constitution needs urgent reform to fix crisis of trust in UK politics

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