Published on 20 November 2018
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Tech States: Building the architecture of “the possible”

This episode of Tech States features Tom Loosemore, co-founder of Public Digital and prior co-founder of the UK Government Digital Service.

“You now, in this era, can, should, and must iterate your way to the least bad solution…and build a culture and a community of constant improvement.”

Interviewed by Dr. Tanya Filer, Tom discusses his recent essay on ‘Government as a Platform’ (GaaP), as well as the politics and practice of digitising government more broadly. They also discuss the globalisation of digital government models and methods, and the intersection between GaaP and the GovTech industry. Throughout, Tom argues passionately for the need for accountability, humility, and iteration.

Prior to GDS, Tom ran the digital innovation arm of Channel 4. He was responsible for the BBC’s internet strategy between 2001 and 2007. In 2003, he helped found mySociety, and in the mid-90s Tom was a journalist on the UK edition of Wired Magazine.

Interview produced by Eloise Stevens.

Tom’s essay can be found here.

A full transcript is online here

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