Published on 28 November 2023
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Independent growth and productivity institution needed to overcome UK’s economic challenges

As part of National Productivity Week (27 Nov - 1 Dec), The Productivity Institute and affiliated academic hubs published "The Productivity Agenda", edited by Diane Coyle, calling for an independent growth and productvity institution to look at policies over the long term, look at how effectively they've been implemented and study how effective this kind of coordination and stability is to help boost the economy.

“Coordination across different policies is important and across different levels of government. You can’t fix this kind of systemic problem by picking off one thing at a time, you have to coordinate all the different kinds of policies. And in particular, policy instability. Asking people to make decisions about their lifetime careers or businesses to make investment decisions with a 10 or 20 year horizon – it’s just hard to overstate how much damage it does that the policy environment keeps changing so often.”

Professor Diane Coyle, Bennett Professor of Public Policy

Media coverage:

Financial Times, Radio 4 Today Programme (20 mins in), The Times

Read the Productivity Agenda (on The Productivity Institute website)

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