Published on 25 January 2024
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UK should boost green public investment by 1% of GDP a year, say top economists

Bennett Institute and LSE experts warn investments, such as development of new North Sea oil and gas fields, will likely damage the UK economy.

The UK Government should increase public investment in tackling climate change and biodiversity loss by £26bn a year – or 1% of gross domestic product (GDP) – to boost growth and productivity, according to a new report by leading economists.

“Together with a coherent set of public policies to drive innovation and address gross systemic inefficiency, this would help crowd in private investment in tackling climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation, and could form part of a rise in annual overall public and private investment that taken together is equivalent to at least 3% of GDP, or £77 billion.”

Report: Boosting growth and productivity in the UK through investments in the sustainable economy

Media coverage:, The Standard, The Independent

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