Published on 11 July 2021
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What does it mean to be English?

What does it mean to be English and is there a political dimension to that? Professor Michael Kenny talks to BBC broadcaster Sangita Myska.

Prof Michael Kenny discusses English identity with broadcaster Sangita Myska and what it means to be English in modern Britain. 

“Something happened in the last ten to twenty years where some of those things [e.g. place, tradition, values, English humour] have begun [to] have a political edge to them. We begin to see peoples’ sense of English identity beginning to spill into politics…

It’s actually quite a recent trend that a growing number of people have begun to say “no, no, if you ask me about my national identity, I’m English not so much British,”  that’s quite new actually.” 

Professor Michael Kenny,  author of the Politics of English Nationhood.


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