Wealth Economy Foundation Workshop - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the workshop suitable for?

The Wealth Economy Foundation Workshop is a unique opportunity for decision-makers – in government at any level, advisory bodies, civil society organisations, and businesses – to collectively explore real-world challenges and look at practical ways to steward and grow organisational and national prosperity and sustainability.

Like all Bennett Institute programmes, the Wealth Economy takes a multi-disciplinary approach and so will be suitable for a wide range of attendees.

If you are not sure whether it will be suitable for you, please get in touch.

What will be covered in the workshop?

The workshop will explain in depth the Bennett Institute Wealth Economy approach and how inclusive wealth consists of many interconnected capitals – including human, social, natural, and physical. It is the management of this comprehensive portfolio of assets that determines whether organisations and communities are able to steward and grow organisational and national wealth, resilience and sustainability, rather than depleting the assets required for future prosperity.

Attendees will receive practical inspiration for how the Bennett Institute’s Wealth Economy Framework can be used in the public and private sector and participate in stimulating conversations to better understand how its different components can be applied to your organisation, and what effect this will have in achieving more prosperous, resilient and sustainable growth.

This half-day workshop will give you:
  • A theoretical and practical understanding of the Wealth Economy approach and framework.
  • A clear action plan of how to bring Wealth Economics into your day-to-day organisational decision-making. 
    Interactive conversations, activities and solution building with fellow participants.
  • A toolbox including a guide, case studies, resources, useful links and contacts. 

When is the workshop taking place?

The workshop is taking place on Wednesday 24 November at 14.00 (UK time) on Zoom. Joining details will be sent out following registration.

Who is leading the workshop?

The workshop is being led by experts from the Bennett Institute for Public Policy including  Professor Diane CoyleDr Matthew AgarwalaDimitri Zenghelis and Dr Saite Lu.

The workshop will give you the opportunity to not only hear from, but also to engage with those behind the development of the Wealth Economy approach.

All of the course leaders are experienced in advising public and private organisations, from local and national government in the UK to the World Bank and United Nations.

How much does the workshop cost?

There are two different prices for the workshop:

Corporate / Private sector: £1,300
Not-for-profit (NGOs, public sector, academia) / self-funded individual: £1,000

Will there be further opportunities to attend this workshop?

We are hoping that this workshop will become part of our regular Bennett Institute events. Look out for more information on our Events page.

Are you planning to run any face-to-face workshops in the future?

We know that not everybody is able to get to Cambridge and over the last couple of years, being able to host events online has enabled us to hold events involving attendees from across the world.

However, face-to-face events remain a key part of our plans at the Bennett Institute and so depending on any possible further Covid restrictions, we may well run a face-to-face version of the workshop in the future.

How many people will there be at the workshop?

We have kept the number of attendees at the workshop limited to 30 people.

Part of the workshop will be a number of small-group sessions. These will be facilitated by colleagues from the Bennett Institute and will each involve five or six people.

Time to network will also be built into the programme.

What materials will I receive in advance?

Some course materials and readings will be sent out to attendees in advance. Attendees will also receive a copy of the yet to be released Guide to the Wealth Economy.

Will I be expected to come prepared with ideas from my organisation?

It is always good if attendees can come to workshops such as this with a seed of an idea. However, what is more important is how you put the ideas and concepts that you learn at the workshop into practice after the event.

Is the workshop aimed specifically at any sector?

No. The Wealth Economy approach can be adapted to work in any sector. Some parts of the framework may already be familiar to you. The benefit of the Wealth Economy approach is that it provides the picture of the jigsaw and any of the missing pieces.

We will also look to tailor the case studies that we use to the attendees for the workshop.

Is the workshop going to be purely UK-focused?

No. The issues that we all face range from the local to the global. The benefit of the Wealth Economy approach is that it considers and understands the connections between these issues and the possible solutions.

We will also look to tailor the case studies that we use to the attendees for the workshop.

Could I talk to someone to find out more information about the workshop?

Yes! Please feel free to get in touch.

Do you do discounts if more than one person wants to attend from my organisation?

Please feel free to get in contact to discuss.

Alternatively, if you would like to discuss any possible bespoke delivery of the Growing Prosperity workshop, please get in contact with Owen Garling, our Knowledge Transfer Facilitator.

I think that this workshop will be really useful for my senior management team; do you offer these workshops for organisations?

If you would like to discuss any possible bespoke delivery of the Growing Prosperity workshop, please contact Owen Garling, our Knowledge Transfer Facilitator.

Will the workshop be worth the investment?

We believe that the workshop is fairly priced for the market and attendees can expect a high quality experience.

We are purposefully keeping the numbers low so that everyone attending is able to contribute and come away with actionable ideas for their organisations. The hosts and facilitators of the workshop are all experts in their field.

The workshop is not the only way in which we are communicating our work on the Wealth Economy. We have already published a number of reports that are freely available and will shortly be publishing a guide to the Wealth Economy.

If you think that there are other ways in which we should be engaging people with our work, then please get in contact with Owen Garling, our Knowledge Transfer Facilitator.