Cultures of expertise and politics of behavioral science: A conversation with Erik Angner

As part of our new series on expertise and COVID-19, Mike Kenny and Anna Alexandrova interview Professor Erik Angner of Stockholm University. Erik is a philosopher and an economist writing on behavioral economics, economists as experts, measurement of happiness and wellbeing, Hayek, and the nature of preferences among other topics.

Recently he has commented on the need for epistemic humility and the uniqueness of the Swedish response to the pandemic. In the podcast we discuss cultures of expertise, contestation, politics of behavioral science, and the relation of all three to the current crisis:

This interview was first published by the Humanities and Social Change Centre, University of Cambridge on 29 April 2020


Photo Erik Angner. Credit Niklas Björling/ Stockholm University

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    Professor Michael Kenny, Inaugural Director, the Bennett Institute for Public Policy

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    Mike Kenny
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    Anna Alexandrova

    Anna is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Science at University of Cambridge and a Fellow of King's College, having previously taught at the University of Missouri St Louis. She writes on philosophy of social sciences, especially economic modelling, explanation, and the sciences of well-being. She was a recipient of the Philosophy of Science Association Recent PhD Essay Prize.