Published on 9 December 2020
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Governing Live Automated Facial Recognition Systems for Policing in England and Wales

Isabel Duan argues that greater safeguards are needed against the potential abuse of the police using automated facial recognition systems if they are to avoid undermining trust in a technology which could in the future help their policing.

The use of live automated facial recognition (AFR) systems in England and Wales for law enforcement purposes has been the subject of criticism concerning the inadequacy of governance of the technology. Defining the ideal governance framework as one that sustains well-placed societal trust, improved governance must ensure that the use of the AFR systems in policing is validated by evidence justifying its efficacy, and by the demonstration of the evidence to the public as well as expert stakeholders. Drawing on interviews with stakeholders from government, industry, civil society and the police, this working paper contributes to public policy literature on technology governance, exploring governance through the lens of trust.

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