Published on 24 September 2019
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Kept-Behind and Leapt-Ahead Places

Kept-Behind and Leapt-Ahead Places

Addressing the impacts of unequal and uneven outcomes and responses to deindustrialization on space and community through industrial strategy and universal basic infrastructure

Author: Jacob Miller

The Bennett Institute for Public Policy is delighted to share this paper exploring deindustrialisation, with case studies in the US and UK written by Jacob Miller for his MSc for University College London. Jacob Miller has been working with Diane Coyle and Michael Kenny on the Institute’s research on left-behind places.

The paper makes the case for an industrial strategy with a foundation of universal basic infrastructure to address the challenges associated with ‘kept-behind’ places and the uneven effects and responses to deindustrialisation that created them.

Paper first submitted to: Development Planning Unit, University College London


Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller is currently reading for an MSc in Building and Urban Design in Development at University College London, as well as, working as a research assistant for Professor Diane...

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