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Review of the UK constitution

Does the UK’s current constitution still work? The Bennett Institute and Institute for Government are conducting a major Review of the UK Constitution to improve the way that government works.

Does the UK’s current constitution still work? The question is complex but the need for answers is urgent. Leaving the European Union has destabilised relationships between the executive, judiciary, and parliament and has put considerable pressure on the devolution settlement. The response to the pandemic – with central, devolved and local government taking different decisions and an illustration of parliament’s difficulty in holding the government to account – has only heightened those pressures.

Over 18 months, the Bennett Institute of Public Policy and the Institute for Government, backed by a distinguished advisory panel, undertook an impartial, non-partisan review of the UK constitution.

Researchers, led by Professor Michael Kenny  (Bennett Institute) and Hannah White (IFG), assessed the current state of the UK constitution – probing how well some of its core institutions and democratic processes are performing. After publishing a series of reports examining different aspects of the constitution, the review set out a package of constitutional reforms that should be adopted by this and future governments.

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