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Mental Wellbeing, Productivity, and Work

Hybrid working, artificial intelligence, and the Metaverse may become the norm for many employees. Researchers are working with KPMG to reimagine the world of work – starting with mental wellbeing.

The Bennett Institute is part of a partnership between the University of Cambridge and KPMG on the ‘Future of Work’, aiming to examine the big issues affecting the modern workforce and offer practical, research-backed solutions to employers. 

One of the University-wide projects in the strategic partnership looks at supporting employees’ mental wellbeing and the role of wellbeing in shaping outcomes for individuals and organisations – led by Professor Gordon Harold at the Faculty of Education, with Professor Diane Coyle at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy, and Professor Sir John Aston at The Statistical Laboratory.

As part of this work, Diane Coyle leads the research on mental wellbeing at work and productivity. In a knowledge economy, employees’ mental states will be inevitably linked to their ability to thrive and perform at work.

There is evidence showing an association between individual wellbeing and productivity but the causal links and intervention points are not well established, especially in the context of hybrid work. Of interest are the differences across certain business types, countries, interaction in the workplace and with the wider community that impact wellbeing and productivity.

Researchers at the Bennett Institute are exploring the channels linking wellbeing and productivity and the variations across different working scenarios. They will look also at the impact of interventions, whether at an individual level or at the organisational level. The findings will have policy implications for local and national governments, as well as individual employers.

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